Xiaomi Mi Band 6 ahead to launch on March 29, 2021

The first leak of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 related specifications has offered up a goldmine of information about the upcoming budget fitness tracker – apart from its release date and probable price. However, Xiaomi’s habits with previous Mi Band launches and the state of the wearables market offer up some useful clues for predictions.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 price has been estimated by one source at around $40, which seems fair. The Mi Band 5 cost $ 39 in international markets. The current smart band market is getting more competitive thanks to releases such as
the OnePlus Band and OPPO Band landing in the same budget sector as Xiaomi’s Mi Bands and offering a similar selection of features. Xiaomi will have to price aggressively to help secure a successful launch for the Mi Band 6

Xiaomi appears to favor June release dates for its Mi Band wearables, as most of them have been launched in that month so far. The Mi Band 5 launched on June 11, 2020, Mi Band 4 on June 11, 2019, and Mi Band 2 on June 7, 2016, were all released in June while the Mi Band 3 came out on May 31, 2018.

While there has been mention of a Mayor even April release in China, those seem too early and considering previous Mi Band launch dates. So we can probably expect a domestic release for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in June while the global Mi Smart Band 6 variant should follow around a month later.

Details about the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 are starting to leak out, and we already have a good idea of what the activity tracker is going to offer. A larger display than the Mi Band 5 seems likely and there are also reports of a built-in GPS, SpO2 sensor, and Alexa support being among the features. It’s probable Xiaomi will release more than one variant of the Mi Band 6, with model numbers pointing to NFC variants and non-NFC variants. However, no official price or release date has yet been discovered, although a June launch is possibly on the cards.

mi band 6 specs and features the mi band 6 is beating two features like spo2 sensor Alexa support and more another interesting features that might make it to the upcoming smart band is built-in GPS we expect mi band 6 to follow the same design language as the mi band 5 with a few changes in mi band 6. through the information revealed from the firmware file we know the upcoming smart band will have the china variant and global variant the Chinese a variant is expected to comes with NFC whereas the global variant vs out Xiaomi mi band 6

launch date the Xiaomi mi band 6

is expected to launch in China and then worldwide including India as of now there is not much information about the launch of this device in India however looking at the previous launch trend the smart band is expected to launch somewhere around June 2021.

there appear to be two variant of the mi band 6 in the work the former is the china the only variant that comes with the NFC functionality and the letter is global version without it mi band 6 specification the forum post state that the

mi band 6 specification

will include higher screen resolution therefore it is likely that the fitness tracker will come with larger screens compared to the predecessor one of the key addition of the including blood oxygen monitoring functionality including spo2 sensor something that has been noticeable absence of

the Xiaomi’s fitness tracker the international version of the Xiaomi mi band

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