3333 5 Best Websites To Watch Movies For FREE | Legal-2021

5 Best Websites To Watch Movies For FREE | Legal-2021

Watch Movies For FREE With Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming the go-to destinations for binge-watching movies and TV shows, people tend to forget that there are various websites on the internet that provide free movies and tv shows, and that too legally. Now, we all love movies, but nothing beats free movies.

Watch Movies For FREE

Hi guys, I am Rakib Khan, and welcome back to another Post by Phoneaqua. co. Now imagine the situation, you’ve just finished a series and you’ve exhausted the list of movies that you wanted to watch. You’ll surely not know what to do with your life then right So, for such situations, and a few others, we bring to you a list of different websites with different collections of absolutely free movies and tv shows.

What’s most amazing is that all these sites are legal so you don’t have to feel guilty about watching something for free.
Anyway. What’s with the wait..let’s get started.

1. Crackle

It’s owned by Sony so you can expect to have some great movies and TV shows here. Actually, their amazing collection is what makes Crackle one of the best sites on the list today. They have movies such as Charlie’s Angels and Da Vinci Code, and TV series such as Joey and Seinfeld. You should just be prepared to watch a few commercials and you’ll be good to go.

There are a few points to be noted here. First off, Crackle works only in the US. But the people in other parts of the world can access it using any good and safe VPN. In fact, I am myself using a VPN right now to show you this site.
Another point is that this is a streaming site, you can stream Video on Demand but you cannot download movies.

Now apart from popular ones, Crackle also has its original movies and TV shows which you can again watch for free.
And they also have apps on both the app store and the play store. All in all, Crackle is a complete package for binge-watching free movies and TV Shows.

2. PlutoTV

As the name might suggest, this website is more like a TV. They have mimicked the interface of a TV and so the programs run live and therefore you can only stream the content, downloading is not possible. Mind you, they also have the option of Video on demand which has a very impressive collection. They have 75+ TV channels showing varying content.

There’s comedy, drama, thriller and even documentaries. Their movie channels are also great. The only catch is that they keep shuffling their collection and so you can’t really keep a track of which movies will be available the following week. The collection is nonetheless superb with movies such as Stuart Little and Kung Fu Hustle.

PlutoTV works seamlessly in the US but can cause problems in other places. So the best solution would be again, to use a VPN. They also have apps working for almost all platforms. The interface is very clean and smooth and that makes the experience even better. Now that we’ve spoken about websites that work well in the US, let’s look at a website that is doing really well in India.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is a video on demand, Hindi entertainment website that belongs to Star India. Now people outside India will have to access Hotstar using a VPN. They have a vast collection of free Hindi movies and TV shows such as Drishyam, Jolly LLB 2, and Masterchef India.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there, you can also watch live TV, sports, comedy series and news. By the way, it also has movies in other languages, including English, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. The latest content on Hotstar cannot be downloaded, but some of the older movies can be. Also, their apps on the app store and play store are very well-designed and can give you the perfect on-the-go viewing experience.

The Premium membership will surely open up a lot more options, but there is enough free content to make you come back to Hotstar again and again.

4. Retrovision

The 4th website on our list is Retrovision, which is a platform for all those who love the classics. It has a great collection of some amazing classic movies and TV shows such as Sherlock Holmes and Godzilla. The best thing about Retrovision is its genre-specific menu.

This categorization makes it very easy to browse through the website. Another great thing is that this website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it’s not location-specific.

Now it’s a streaming site and therefore doesn’t allow you to download content. And it has an Android app called Classic UHF. You should definitely try Retrovision if you’re a fan of Classics. Coming to the 5th website, PopcornFlix.

5. PopcornFlix

First of all, let me take a moment to appreciate the name of the website, PopcornFlix is such a cool name it has won my heart with the name itself. And it has stayed true to its name, it’s got plentiful amazing movies and tv shows such as The Adventures of Tintin and the Paddington Bear.

The genres include action, drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi, etc etc. You get the drift, it covers almost every genre possible. One thing to keep in mind is the commercials, you’ll have to deal with them to be able to watch the content on this site.

Now its owned by Screen Media Ventures and even though it was initially available only in US and Canada, it recently launched in 36 more countries. Sadly, most of its content is still not available in India, so VPN is for us. The site doesn’t give you the option to download content, you can only watch it online.
One really cute thing is this comment box.

Watch Movies For FREE

Watch Movies For FREE

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