Visiting Apple Park before iPhone 13 Launch!!

Visiting Apple Park before iPhone 13 Launch Hello, and welcome to Apple Park! We are so glad that you could join us today. You’re ready? Well they say, “You don’t forget how to ride a bike.” And I guess today we will figure out if that’s true or not. True!

Visiting Apple Park before iPhone 13 Launch

What happened? – I almost fell. Almost fell? Yeahhh.. You should have fallen down completely! Don’t fall almost! I have to go all the way? – Yeah, go all the way! I almost fell again! Really? Yeah… So all the friends and people I interviewed who got into Google, the first place they take a photo is right here. I can’t believe after seeing this photo in so many thumbnails, after seeing this place, I’m right here!

Visiting Apple Park before iPhone 13 Launch

So Goodbye Google! Maybe some other time! Watch out! There’s poop everywhere! So this is the VIP parking for Google! Goodbye Mountain Dew! Now, welcome to Palo Alto! The gas is more costly near Apple! 4.73… Insane! Very close to Apple Park now. That’s– That’s just crazy! Yeah, this is cool parking luckily! Free parking! Whoa!
Wow! Okay, so this is when Harnoor is literally gonna be a kid in kid’s store, right?
Yeah.. Okay, so this is 30 minute parking.

30 minute… Okay.. – Is that okay? Or do you wanna… No, let’s see if we have more time.. 30 minutes might be not enough for Apple Store! Not for you… Not for iHarnoor… Oh! should we park in customer parking? Yeah, sure. – Are you gonna buy anything? Well.. we could pretend like we are.. right? Yeah.. so.. (LAUGHS) Are you gonna get me a new phone now? That’s what the subscribers want!

Visiting Apple Park before iPhone 13 Launch

Oh whatt! – Sorry, sorry.. That was a nice jerk. Yeah… (LAUGHS) You want me to jerk you off, right? So we finally made it to Apple Park. This is not actually Apple Park. This is Apple Park visitor centre. Because even if you work in Apple,
or your parents or relatives work in Apple.. Even then, if you are not an employee, you cannot enter Apple Park.
Even if they can enter, they are not allowed to take pictures. Clicking a picture also is not allowed because..
There’s a Tesla in the back… I am so amazed!

One out of every five cars is a Tesla. So I just, you know, get distracted. But anyways, even clicking pictures is not allowed. And if you do so, I remember, when iPhone 10 was released, the daughter of an employee went to Apple Park and made a vlog of iPhone 10, and she got, actually her father got fired. So that was a very sad moment. Yeah, this is all white sky. I wonder when blue sky will come back! When… the fog will be or the smoke will be gone.
And this is the second campus of Apple. This is in Cupertino and was pitched by Steve Jobs. And made by the employees for sure.

But the good thing is we can visualise it in the visitor centre. They have an international watch collection here.
I haven’t seen this in any Apple store.

Oh, it’s like different flags? – Yeah, all different flags.

Where’s India? – Yeah, I’m looking for India flag too but I don’t see it!
But it’s cool.

So these are the t-shirts that you may not get in any other stores. But all of these t-shirts are 40 dollars! Insane! I liked the white one very much! Or the black one.. but not worth right now. I’ll find it cheaper online on Amazon. This is so cool. Oh, this is like a video playing. Oh, AirTags. You can’t change it. These caps as well.. You won’t find them anywhere. 25..

Look at this baby’s outfit. – These are for babies, yeah. You are learning the alphabet. When you are learning the alphabet, you learn the ‘A’ is for Apple! Yeah, it’s really cute. So let’s take the magical stairs upstairs. Yeah, these stairs are quite magical. These also remind me of the Apple Keynote. If you have noticed, there are white stairs on every Keynote. This is finally the terrace! Or you can say the rooftop.

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