3333 Top 10 New WhatsApp Features | 2021 Multi-Device Support

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features | 2021 Multi-Device Support

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features Friends, the WhatsApp privacy policy issue has finally been resolved, you don’t have to accept it. Apart from those, there are a lot of other things about WhatsApp that I’d like to talk about. There are many important features that have been launched in the past 4-5 months that I’m going to mention. Watch it carefully till the end as there are many features, you might not know about which you should!

What are the new features of WhatsApp 2021?

Multi-Device Support – You might have heard about it in our Tech News & it’s like a god-given gift for the people who use multiple devices/WhatsApp, it’s become very easy, >> go to the WhatsApp menu, you’ll find Link Devices where you can connect up to 4 devices, use WhatsApp Web, use desktop WhatsApp & on your phone. Even if your phone is inactive/off, you’ll still be able to use it on Desktop/Web.

What are the new features of WhatsApp?

Multi-Device Support – You might have heard about it in our Tech News & it’s like a god-given gift for the people who use multiple devices/WhatsApp

Now that’s a big positive, & I’m really happy about the multi-device support! If you’ve used it then do let me know in the comments about your experience. WhatsApp says it’s still in the beta stage so there might be some delay in messages. End-To-End Encryption – You might think that your backups have encryption, but no, only your chats are encrypted. Top 10 New WhatsApp Features

What are the latest WhatsApp features?

But your backups are saved on Google Drive & anyone can open/access it. But it’s getting rolled out slowly & you’ll get End-to-end Encrypted backups. It has advantages & disadvantages!

What are the best features of WhatsApp?

Advantages – Being encrypted, no one will be able to access it, even if they do, they won’t be able to open it. Disadvantages – If you’ve kept a password for the encryption & you forget it after a few months, you yourself won’t be able to open/access your backups if you want to restore it. So it comes with advantages & disadvantages but I think advantages are more. What do you think? Photo Upload Quality – You might have clicked a landscape picture of 5-6MB & wanted to share it in the original quality but WhatsApp used to compress it & then send it. Now, you can decide the quality(Low/Best).

What are the hidden features of WhatsApp?

Or let WhatsApp decide the quality to send. Meaning if you want to send it in the original quality, then, choose Best Quality, so that they are sent with less compression with a good quality picture. The same can be done with videos as well. Before sending videos, it processes & gets compressed, and it loses its quality, but like photos, you can now send high/low-quality videos depending on the data. Or else let WhatsApp decide the quality. But most importantly, now you can send photos/videos of the best quality.

How do you use WhatsApp new features view once?

WhatsApp is no longer just a messaging app, it’s now a video calling/video conferencing platform too. Joinable Group Calls – It’s a small but important feature. If you’ve started a 3-4 people’s group call, from which only 2 have joined. Now the others who are late can join in on the ongoing group call. Before, you had to call at the same time to be present, but now you can join later, it’s a small but important feature since there are many video conferences nowadays.

What are all the features of WhatsApp?

The next feature is good, but it could have been better as its utility has become less. View Once – Once you send a photo to someone, it’ll disappear after viewing, I’d call it disappearing photos. The problem is, if the person wants the photo, he/she can take a screenshot of it. So even if you send a disappearing photo, there’s no guarantee that he/she can’t save it. It’s good but if the other person is smart, then there’s no point! What do you think about it? Why will you use this feature, do let us know And it’s not just for photos but videos too, so view once & they’ll disappear! There’s a new & small feature in archives as well.

What are some cool WhatsApp tricks?

New Archive Chat – If you’ve archived a chat & received a message in it, there’s a notification above, even if you’ve archived it. We archive it as we don’t need it & getting a notification disturbs the process. But, now the archived messages will not disturb your timeline. So it’s a small but good feature. Audio Playback Speed – Some people send big audios, which are important but you don’t have time to listen, and now you can change the playback speed for voice messages to save time, which again is important. You must’ve heard that 2 Million WhatsApp accounts have been banned for spamming/sending bulk messages.

How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

But there might be a possibility that an account might get banned by mistake & for that. In-App Ban Review – So if you think your account is banned by mistake, you can now request a review with this feature. There are many people with important WhatsApp accounts & banning them by mistake would be a problem. So this In-App Ban Review feature is for them. Flash Calls – When you create a new account/change phones, you get an OTP & verify it. Now, with Flash Calls, you can verify your accounts where you’ll get a call & it’ll verify your account. These were the 10 new features that are nearly getting rolled out. Top 10 New WhatsApp Features

How can I secret chat on WhatsApp?

There are 3-4 new important upcoming features which come in the next 1-2 months. From that the most important would be Data Transfer between Android-iOS. There are many leaks & rumors that the feature is coming soon & there are some screenshots as well. This means, your history/backup can be transferred from Android to iOS & iOS to Android. It becomes super useful & helpful when you shift from Android to iPhone & vice versa. I’m waiting for the feature as I keep switching between Android & iPhone often. There are many features coming, like Real Time Voice Waveforms, which shows live waves, when you’re recording/listening to notes. It’s already available on Instagram & Facebook is bringing it to WhatsApp too.

Top 10 New WhatsApp Features

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