3333 Top 9 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know 2021

Top 9 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know 2021

Top 9 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts I’m going to tell you about 9 different keyboard shortcuts out of which the 6th, 8th & 9th are important. the full Post as all 9 keyboard shortcuts is important. But 3-4 ones are absolutely great!

1. Windows + E

Windows + E – It’s simple & you must be knowing it already. We don’t use the Windows key much. But the key(Windows logo) is very important. So pressing Windows key + E will open your ‘My Computer’. And you can access a file/drive. You just need to press Windows key + E. It happens a lot when you’re working, suddenly someone arrives & you don’t want to show your work.

2. Windows + D

Windows + D – With this shortcut, you can minimize all your multiple windows & only show your desktop. Windows + Up Arrow – It’s an extension that’ll maximize your window Windows + Down Arrow – It’ll minimize your window. It’s simple & you don’t need a mouse. Only use Windows + Up/Down or D and all windows will be minimized. I bet many of you didn’t know this. I talked about the Up/Down arrow key.

3. Windows + Left/Right Arrow

Windows + Left/Right Arrow – It splits your window if you want to multitask & use 2 windows on your desktop.
It saves a lot of time as they get resized & aligned automatically & hence increase productivity!

4. Control + Shift + N

Control + Shift + N – You might be knowing it already, but it creates new folders quickly. You all know about the Alt + Tab for switching between Windows instances. You keep pressing Tab if they’re multiple.

5. Windows + Tab

Windows + Tab – If there are 6-8 instances working & you want to look at them all at once. You’ll get proper rectangular icons & all your work will be seen on a single screen. I use it a lot as I do different work at the same time & it helps me every time! So do try it out.

6. Windows + Shift + S

Windows + Shift + S – It’s my most favorite! Generally, we use a snipping tool for rectangular/freeform screenshots. But for quickly advanced screenshots, press Windows + Shift + S as you get control over its shape(rectangular/freeform). So Windows + Shift + S = Better screenshots!

7. Windows + V

Windows + V – It’s a very useful clipboard when you use Control + C for Copy. You can get a clipboard history, meaning you can access & paste your 4-5 hour old texts as well. You can use the clipboard to choose your text and paste it & is useful for the ones who copy-paste a lot!

8. Windows + “.” OR “;”

Windows + “.” OR “;” – It’s fun if you message/chat a lot. Pressing it will open an emoji panel. And you can choose whichever emoji you want & you’re done! You won’t have to find a smiley to choose an emoji.

9. Windows + L – Press

Windows + L – Press it if you’re working & immediately you want to lock your PC. You can even switch to other accounts on your PC with a simple Windows + L key.

Top 9 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts

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