3333 Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-On And First Camera Speciation

Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-On And First Camera Speciation

Xperia PRO-I. The “I” stands for “Imaging” and this device has a huge emphasis on the camera. that’s mean, look at the size of this thing. There’s a lot to cover on this device. So let’s discuss Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on and first camera speciation.

Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-On And First Camera Speciation

The triple-lens camera at the back of this is made up of a 16mm ultra-wide lens, a 50mm lens with optical image stabilization. And the main camera is a 24mm lens, which also has optical image stabilization and is clearly hiding something awesome behind it. Let’s take a closer look. The sensor in the main camera is huge. It’s known as a 1.0 type image sensor.

And it’s actually based on the same sense that you’d find in a Sony RX100VII. The latest award-winning addition to the renowned RX100 range. Having this sensor in the main camera not only demonstrates the further integration of the top tier Sony technology in Xperia devices, but it also opens up a new world of possibilities and what a smartphone camera is capable of doing, thanks to the power of the camera sensor and the processing power of the handset.

Having a sense this large means that you’re able to capture far more light than before, thanks to the pixel pitch being far larger at 2.4μm. And this will help you produce better low-light shots, capture a higher dynamic range, and achieve an intense natural Bokeh on close-up subjects without the use of software to help blur out the background.

There’s even a dual aperture feature on the main camera to give you that extra versatility. You can switch from a 2.0 to a 4.0 aperture with a touch of a button to create dynamic, close-ups and expansive landscapes. You also have the unbelievable speed of the Technology from Alpha giving you Real-time Eye AF and Real-time tracking.

And of course, 20 fps continuous burst mode on this new sensor, not to mention a dedicated front-end LSI to speed up image processing and to give you reduce the noise in those burst shots. You have better-looking, burst shots and better noise reduction in your photos.

In addition to the 1.0 type image sensor and the extra processing power. Sony has also used ZEISS Tessar Optics to help minimize any peripheral image distortion and deliver more intense contrast on the main 24mm camera. And because this lens uses aspherical glass lens elements, this specially designed piece of glass helps collect light more efficiently and also helps with keeping the camera bump and the thickness of the handset to a minimum.

You also benefit from the ZEISS T* coating on all three lenses to minimize reflections whilst shooting. OK, so bigger sense, better lens, more processing power dedicated specifically to imaging. The pictures will obviously be amazing videos, well not only is there an amazing new accessory specifically made for videographers, but there are also some phenomenal features for content creators to aid them in creating the best content for their audience.

Introducing Videography Pro Videography Pro joins its siblings Photography Pro and Cinematography Pro to round out the suite of apps aimed at content creators to help turn their ideas into a reality. It’s perfect for videographers or vloggers shooting for YouTube and other social media platforms and gives you far more control over your video production by giving you access to focus settings.

A powerful zoom on the main camera shutter speed, ISO or Gain, exposure control and white balance, plus the ability to monitor and control your audio. But that’s not all, Sony has also introduced another ground-breaking piece of tech from Alpha to help creators make more engaging content.

Eye AF and Object tracking in the video! Using this feature, not only can you track your subject’s eye whilst they or the camera is moving, but you can also choose when to change the subject being tracked whilst you are shooting video to make your finished product more immersive and dynamic to your audience.

You also benefit from Sony’s Optical Steadyshot with Flawless Eye for shake-free and stable videos even in low light conditions! Another cool feature in Videography Pro is the ability to film in 4K in 120fps natively, meaning you could actually save the 120fps file to edit later instead of only having these slow-motion files to work within your edits.

This gives you way more flexibility when putting together your final piece by introducing speed ramps or using the same footage at different speeds in your edits. You’ve also got a ton of extra versatility in Videography Pro by being able to adjust the aperture just like you can when you’re taking photos in Photography Pro and you can use the 3.5mm headphone jack to either plug in an external mic or monitor your audio from the THREE microphones built into the handset.

A stereo pair to pick up general sound around you and a mono mic that is in a more central position designed to capture your subject’s voice. All of these microphones also support Sony’s Intellige. Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on and first camera speciation.

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