3333 Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh hiked in last few days: Here’s how much the device costs in…

Samsung Mobile unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at the Mobile World Congress this month. Here’s a look at how much the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Telecom Dept. (BTSC) may further hike 3G/4G mobile internet price

Added Jul 21, 2017

If my understanding of the commercial terms is correct the first increase was announced in mid-November of 2016, and was intended to cover a period of 4-6 months. Last week’s decision by BTSC is likely the first increase in tariff since that initial increase.

The increase in the fixed rate mobile voice rates announced by the BTSC earlier this month is likely only the start. After over a year of maintaining mobile rates near equivalent to cost, now that operators are spending more on the networks as a result of the initial investment, BTSC may make further price increases.

Reducing the price of 4G mobile voice or data services would drive more people to 4G. When available in large cities, 4G LTE allows a person to make more mobile calls with less recharging. At 4G LTE’s $10/month price, unlimited talk plus 20MB/s for video would be cheaper than using a pre-paid package with only talk, and less than the $15/month you can spend with a pre-paid bundle including 1GB/s for video.

According to figures from the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), a Bangladeshi family spends about 10% of their monthly income on phone and broadband services. This is the case in much of South Asia. The reason is that the cost of 4G LTE infrastructure is a great barrier to entry.

Expensive 4G LTE infrastructure prevents a great many people from ever having a phone or broadband connection.

For this reason, Bangladesh may be the next country in which we see telecom service price competition increase.

Expensive 4G LTE infrastructure makes 4G data plans less attractive, and increases the cost of getting customers to upgrade to a 4G plan.

Unused 4G LTE data allowances have very low per-MB pricing compared to 3G/2G/1G plans. When 4G LTE is unavailable, and a user wants to use more 4G data, they have to pay the same per-MB price for 3G data as they do for 4G LTE.

Supply and demand curves (not prices) work in the opposite direction in these markets, so unless the BTSC manages to bring 4G spectrum into more service areas, we expect prices to continue to rise.


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