3333 Samsung Galaxy Z Roll could be the first rollable phone of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Roll could be the first rollable phone of Samsung

After the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z, Flip Samsung is preparing for the introduction of its first Rollable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Z-roll. Hey there, it’s Aby here. With display week 2021. Samsung Display showed its new generation of OLED displays. These included, an S foldable a Slideable aka Rollable device for your kind information.

The Displayed Devices have been demonstrated exclusively, by Samsung’s display division. If you don’t know what is
Samsung display is a division of Samsung Electronics that produces OLED panels for use By Samsung and other consumer Tech manufacturers. But we were not sure of the fact that when Samsung Electronics will use these new types of screens for the first time and Under, which model name, these products will appear on the market. However, recently Let’s GoDigital

Samsung rollable phone release date

uncovered. The commercial name that Samsung Electronics has applied for a very remarkable trademark. The European Union intellectual property office EUIPO. The trademark was filed. May 18, 2021, by Samsung electronics with the name Z-roll, the application is categorized as Class 9 described as the smartphone, which can also be used with Samsung S Pen based on the name Roll. It is very likely that this device will have a Roll-up display and the Z refers to the series within the Galaxy Z series. Samsung Galaxy Z Roll

Where all smartphones with a folding screen are accommodated. And furthermore, this application shows that Samsung intends to place its Rollable smartphones within the same Z series, the name does not come as a complete surprise. Since last year in November, let’s go digital

reported that Z-roll would be a very appropriate name for Samsung’s Rollable, smartphone following the Galaxy Z fold in the Galaxy Z Flip this time. It appears to be the turn of the Galaxy Z-roll

Since LG Electronics has officially stopped the production of smartphones.

On the other hand, Oppo also showed a retractable phone last year. However, the Oppo X 2021 was a concept. The company said, it has no intention of actually releasing this device at the moment. More recently TCL has also shown a special concept of a fold-and-roll smartphone. However, it is definitely not unimaginable, that Samsung will soon be the first manufacturer to actually release. A Rollable smartphone in the market. With all that said,

what do you think?

Who will be the first to introduce the Rollable device to Consumer Market? Let me know in the comments.

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