Samsung Galaxy A82 Review Bangladesh

Samsung Galaxy A82 Review Bangladesh The Galaxy A82 has appeared in Google Play Console listing revealing its specifications, also Evan Blass has shared the first official look at the handset itself on the Google Play Console listing. It shows the front of the handset but as you can see it’s hard to see the actual design of the handset.

But then Evan Blass a prolific name in the industry shared
this image and at that time he didn’t mention what handset it was. As you can see it has a
wallpaper that is reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy A series of handsets but the bezels
were quite thin and none of the current Galaxy A device has bezels that thin. But this listing
basically confirms that it is none other than the official render of the Galaxy A82 itself.

So it seems the phone is losing its flippy camera system and that may disappoint some who were
hoping for an uninterrupted front design. Anyway, as for the specifications, the listing
confirms the phone will have a Full HD+ display, there’s no information about the refresh rate
but seeing how the Galaxy A52 and A72 got high refresh rate panels, expect one for the Galaxy
A82 as well

you can still expect it to do some heavy lifting when it
comes to overall performance. The phone will have 6GB RAM as the base and there could be 8GB variant
too. Other specs revealed by the listing include Android 11 support and while it didn’t mention the
camera details but it will have a 64MP Sony IMX686 primary camera according to previous leaks.
Interestingly the phone will be called Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 2 in South Korea where it will
have an additional random number generator Quantum chip for additional security

Samsung will name
it the Galaxy A82 and will not include this quantum chip outside of South Korea. There’s no
information about the launch date but seeing how it’s being listed on various certification sites,
expect it to happen this month itself. With that being said, the Galaxy S21 FE is another

high-profile device people are looking forward to. The leaked Galaxy Roadmap revealed Samsung
will keep an unpacked event for the handset in August. But today we have some more information
about the handset. Galaxy Club reports the S21 FE will have a 32MP front camera instead of the
10MP we have on the S21. Also, it will come in a light green color option. Previous information
had said the phone would be available in four more colors, grey, pink, violet, and white.

Samsung Galaxy A82 Price in Bangladesh

Also here’s some good news if you’re considering buying the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung has decided
to reduce the price of the Z Fold 2 in two key markets. It will be cheaper by ৳42,260.00 Bangladeshi Taka in South Korea
while it’s seeing a 200-pound price cut in the United Kingdom. Now the phone will be
available for £1,599 down from 1799. More Samsung Galaxy A82 Review Bangladesh

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