Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G | Price & Release Date 2021

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, this event was held in March 2021, and not long ago there was the latest leak that stated that this famous HP manufacturer will soon upgrade their Galaxy A series. This latest variant is called Galaxy galaxy a52s is possible to price at 449 euros. 

A52s which will be released soon. On the market in the near future, Samsung will launch the latest product
which is likely to enter the mid-end product line. The most widely discussed device is the Galaxy A52s 5G, the information was revealed from a leak by a leaker named Ihsan Agarwal according to the information he conveyed that This South Korean smartphone manufacturer will soon announce a new device called the Samsung Galaxy A52s Hi Now to know more about

the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A52s this time is in the physical design which in this sector is becoming an important part that will be able to attract the attention of consumers in the premium class it certainly can not be separated from the concept of the body that carries the style of modern design and present as a guarantor power to perform which is much more characterful and certainly has a high appeal. Meanwhile, on the other hand, regarding the visual screen problem on the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A52s

it will also be a segment that will be the focus for us to review because this section is
quite capable of influencing attractiveness. In the eyes of consumers, it is wrong one such as
the Super AMOLED screen panel will certainly be a technology promoted by Samsung Galaxy A52s
to give visual appearance is sharper and clearer Not only that even Samsung

Galaxy A52s will also be equipped with a unique VAN HOOL full-screen size of 6.5 inches and has a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels so that it is certain that it will be able to provide visual guarantees that will seem so realistic and attractive. In addition, on the side of the screen that is carried by the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A52s this time it is reported that it has also been coated with a screen protector in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to prevent scratches. on the screen, which is Then in In another section, the discussion

About the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A52s will touch the the hardware side of the runway does store various reliable components, one of which is the chipset, considering the specs of the Samsung Galaxy A52s itself reportedly will bring the Snapdragon 778 G which has been integrated With this 5G network system, it will certainly support user activities when surfing Ria in cyberspace so that it will make internet performance

much faster. On the other hand, a 68 GB capacity cramp is also embedded in this cellphone to ensure multitasking speed. Don’t forget the internal memory. 128GB 256GB was also presented to provide more adequate space. As for the performance of the platform itself, the Samsung Galaxy A52s has used the latest generation Android 11 OS which is rich in non-functional features. Next, we will examine the photography features in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A52s

as one of them, This is a very interesting sector for us to discuss and explore because in this section Samsung has relied on several sophisticated systems that are very supportive in guaranteeing its photographic results, such as the 4 rear cameras embedded in the rear body on the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G specs, where each ensa has the main camera resolution of 64 megapixels, Ultra white, 12 megapixels, macro, 5 megapixels, and 5 megapixels

with different functions and an integrated clink to guarantee charming portraits, especially since this camera has been supported by LED Flash panorama and HDR features that are ready to make it easy for users to do sports. photos as desired in all places, on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy A52s has also included a 32-megapixel front camera with recording capabilities of up to 4K to ensure smoother and clearer selfie videos. This is certainly a reason for consumers to choose this device as the best choice. no wonder the

Samsung Galaxy A52s will be a premium smartphone that is quite waiting for its presence in the mid- 2021 on the one hand the connectivity system offered by the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A52s is also not promising enough because there are various connection features that are very attractive and have a functional level one of them is adequate, such as connectivity related to the internet, considering that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy A52s itself have received five c network support

which is ready to provide access speeds that are so aggressive and don’t ever forget that several other features are included, such as Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB type-c, and USB on-the-go which is very functional in supporting data transfer access between devices. Then there is also a 3.5 mm audio jack hole as a connection hole for the headset cable when listening to music. This is certainly one of the advantages for the Samsung Galaxy A52s in competing along

the same segment competitors such as hi and to the battery itself specifications of Samsung Galaxy A52s has guaranteed the power requirements of each component with a reliable battery to capacity problems on its own Samsung has immersed battery capacity maybe

sufficient estimated between fast-charging 5000mAh with 25 watts after understanding some information about the specifications, then we will continue the discussion on the price of the latest Samsung Galaxy A52s according to some circulating information, this cellphone will be released to Europe first at a price of 449 euros or if we convert it to rupiah the Samsung Galaxy A52s will be pegged in the range of numbers 7 million, you need to remember that Galaxy galaxy a52s is possible to price at 449 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

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