3333 Redmi Note 9 Pro PUBG Test In 2021 with FPS Meter

Redmi Note 9 Pro PUBG Test In 2021 with FPS Meter

This is Redmi Note 9 Pro which was released last year in July 2020 If you remember the date then comment below let’s see who remembers the release date I am using it for almost one year

What is the graphics of the redmi Note 9 Pro?

The Redmi Note 9 Pro gets an Adreno 618 GPU which also powers the graphics performance on Snapdragon 730G devices. While the frequency of the GPU isn’t revealed by Qualcomm, it reached a maximum of up to 565MHz in our usage, as compared to the 575MHz clock speed of the Adreno 618 on Snapdragon 730G

The is Processor is 720G Snapdragon So today we are going to test whether its performance is the same as before for PUBG will check with the FPS meter so that we get an idea of how it works after one year If you too have a Redmi Note 9 Pro then share your experience with us It has been recently updated to MIUI 12.0.4 And I have 4 GB of RAM
So we are going to do gameplay with 4GB of RAM

Redmi Note 9 Pro

Another thing is that Redmi Note 9 Pro is the first device with Android 11 support So let’s see it does well in PUBG or not in 2021 I am going to play PUBG in the Global variant and I have not applied any gfx tool or config file here I am going to play with the default settings So let’s see how it performs First, I will show you settings so that you get an idea of what all settings are there

What is the price of the Note 9 Pro in Bangladesh?

Official price BD ৳25,999 ৳26,999 6/64 GB ৳27,999 ৳28,999 6/128 GB
Unofficial price ৳17,000 4/64 GB [SumashTech] ৳24,999 6/128 GB
International price £ 209.90 / ₹ 14,989

you can see in graphics that you can select ultra in smooth which means you can go to 40FPS If you select HD that you get the support of high but you don’t get the HDR option here So I would suggest setting it on smooth & Ultra and play in 40FPS because in Redmi Note 9 Pro mostly you can play in 40FPS I will show you the default FPS meter you can see it is around 39 to 41 means almost the same

We are going to play two games i.e. SANHOK and TDM and check the performance I have set a timer so that we can also get an idea about the battery performance The battery here is 72% you to can see here I am going to on the screen recorder so the battery may get more reduced don’t worry in your device it won’t happen because I am recording here First, we are going to play in SANHOK and I will also keep showing you the FPS meter

so you get an exact idea of whether there is a frame drop or not keep in mind that it was released one year ago
and current PUBG takes a heavy load according to this how it performs, we have to check So let us see whether Snapdragon 720G can handle PUBG in 2021 or it may crash because there are many devices that do not support PUBG or lag This issue happens in Redmi Note 9 pro or not that we will check You can see the FPS meter it is around 41 only
that means it is working exactly and no frame drop can be seen

Let’s get down to Bootcamp then see how it performs because many people get down there so you may face a frame drop issue let’s check it once and the match has started still, the FPS meter is showing around 39 to 41 which means the FPS meter is stable After jumping what happens let’s see Till now there wasn’t any frame drop or a lagging issue
it is working smoothly with 40FPS let’s see after getting down any frame drop can be seen or not

I will keep showing you the FPS meter so that you can get an idea that is what happens after getting down You can see it is around 38 to 40 only that means it is still stable so you can do gameplay nicely No problem we will play it again because in the previous game I got busy showing FPS meter so I couldn’t spot enemies now I will directly tell you whether there is a frame drop or any lagging issue is faced or not Right now it is working nicely
there is no frame drop till now

according to my, it is working very nicely If you are using Redmi Note 9 Pro and you are facing any lagging or other issues then let me know if you are facing any issues then let me know in the comments below I would be interested in knowing because in my device it is working good but doesn’t know further also it will be the same or not and its sound effect is also very nice if we apply the config file then what issue we may face that I don’t know but right now I am playing with the default setting

It is working smoothly with Smooth & Ultra you can see the FPS meter is still around 38 to 41 which is good So here the game ended I did not face any issues while playing in SANHOK there was no frame drop and no heating issue which is good

I thought it will get heated but in Redmi Note 9 Pro nothing happened Now we will play one game in TDM so we get an idea of whether there is any frame drop issue because in TDM gameplay is done very closely, according to me, frame drop issue may occur Let us see so that we can know whether Redmi Note 9 Pro passes the PUBG test in 2021 or not I felt it very cool

It is working so let’s see what happens Till now I haven’t seen any frame drop and it is working smoothly You can see that nowhere there was a frame drop It is working nicely which I did not expect with 40FPS but it is working well

And I am not Pro player, I am a normal PUBG player I am just showing you the FPS meter and game so that you get to know So please don’t judge my game because I am not that good at it Looking at this you can understand what you may face while playing in Redmi Note 9 Pro According to my, it is working very smoothly If you are using this device now in 2021 then you can let me know then you may have PUBG experience in this device SO it is done here

It was a good game and you can see almost for 34 minutes I was playing While starting our battery was 72% so now we will check how much is left there is no heating issue

The battery is 61% which means 11% of the battery has been used It is fine because the screen recorder was also on which means the battery backup is very good You can comment to me below whether Snapdragon 720G passes the PUBG test in 2021 or not As per my opinion, Redmi Note 9 Pro will handle well PUBG in 2021 What you feel you can comment below

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