Realme X7 Max 5G Full Review After A Month 2021

Realme X7 Max 5G Full Review The Realme X7 Max was the 1st to launch with Dimensity 1200 SoC & as I’ve used it, I’ve started to like it. There are a lot of good things & being a new SoC there are some problems, but I haven’t seen it with Dimensity 1200. You’ll know about it in the Post further, especially related to performance.

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As said earlier, the Realme phones feel good in the hand & the Realme X7 Max is no different. It’s good to hold in your hand & it won’t feel slippery. It’s not that heavy & will feel light in your pockets too. So overall, a thumbs up to the in-hand feel. It has a 6.43” FHD+ AMOLED display & the colours look good! I’ve already said it during the unboxing. And even after the 15-20 day use, I like the display. It’s bright & you’ll be able to see even in sunlight. Yes, you might have a problem under very harsh sunlight, but overall the colours & contrast is good! And being 6.43” it is manageable, the display is not too big nor too small. It’s just the right size. With the in-hand feel, it has a dual-tone plastic back(polycarbonate), which looks unique & different. And it’s not glass.

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During day-to-day use, you know the difference by using the 120Hz fast refresh rate. We used the phone at a 120Hz refresh rate & still the 4500mAh battery can get you through the day easily. The Screen On Time(SOT) was 5-6 hours on 120Hz & you might easily get 6-7 hours on 60/90Hz. So overall, a big thumbs up on the battery life. It’ll easily last you through a day but not 1.5-2 days. They’ve provided a 65W charger but the phone supports 50W fast charging that gets to 100% around 40 minutes.

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And I think it’s good & fast enough! So the battery & its fast charging is good! We had our primary sim in the phone & for connectivity, you get WiFi 6, dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi Calling Support, etc.

Everything related to connectivity is there, the WiFi speed & mobile network connectivity had no problems.
I don’t know whether carrier aggregation is happening or not so no comments there as I didn’t see any “4G+” sign, but I never had any problems with lower connectivity too. There were no call drops, voice cuts etc. I didn’t face any of it & that’s impressive. Again, I think there’s some issue with Dimensity 1200’s carrier aggregation, but I didn’t face any problems. In connectivity, you also get NFC support, which is an extra!

And I see it as a future proof phone as it has 7 bands support & the majority of bands are covered but we’ll have to wait for it. One thing definitely stood out for me, the haptic feedback engine is impressive & you get a Rs 70K flagship-level haptic feedback. Realme X7 Max 5G Full Review

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This phone price starts at Rs 26,999 for the base variant & with that, it gives flagship-level haptic feedback.
You get a triple camera setup, with a 64MP Sony IMX682 primary sensor. The primary sensor clicks beautiful photos. The secondary ultrawide sensor(8MP) clicks soft photos & the colours are ok, but it’s slightly on the softer side. The 2MP(Macro) sensor can be improved. There are many other phones that click good macro photos even with 2MP sensors. Whereas this one is ok. The selfie sensor is slightly on the softer side & a little inconsistent. I wouldn’t say the photos are bad, they’re good with skin tones, but the colour seems a little inconsistent. The rear camera’s primary sensor is impressive, the front camera is inconsistent, ultrawide is ok & macro isn’t that great.

This phone has a feature-rich camera app, you get chroma boost mode for punchier colours, AI Video Highlight mode, Bokeh Video mode too & you can take video with 4K@60FPS with the primary sensor. It doesn’t have OIS or any other stabilization but the videos are quite good from the colours & sharp perspective.

You’ll get wide videos, with the selfie sensor that are generally narrow. Let’s talk about low light. I’m showing all photos on the screen, the colours are preserved in low light. In most mobile cameras the low light photos are soft, the details aren’t preserved & the colours look bad. But not with this one, you’ll see some grains but photos have good colours & are usable photos.

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You do get all the sensors as mentioned, I used the fingerprint sensor & face unlock, they are very fast! Multimedia – We do consume most content on phones, & this one is for that! You get the 3.5mm jack,
an AMOLED screen with 120Hz which is good, bright & fun! The viewing angles are good. The video viewing experience is top-notch & with stereo speakers the audio experience is fun! So in terms of multimedia, it’s a flagship-level experience with the 3.5mm jack, which you don’t find in flagship phones.

And the biggest highlight is its performance, you get a 12+256GB variant under Rs 30K. The price for 8+128GB is Rs 26,999 & Rs 29,999 for the 12+256GB variant. But the highlight is that it also has UFS 3.1 with LPDDR4X. And it shows!

Whether you’re gaming, using heavy apps, multitasking etc, the performance is absolutely flawless. The on-paper score is above 6.8L, which is very good! In gaming performance, with Ultra-HDR settings, you’ll get 40-50FPS of gameplay, which is quite smooth. You’ll never feel choppy frames during gameplay. And an extra thing, you’ll get a 90FPS mode along with ultra, HDR etc.

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Realme brought this mode especially for the X7 Max & you can play on Smooth settings with 90FPS. In reality, it won’t consistently go up to 90FPS but again the biggest highlight is the phone’s performance. If you’re having long(1-1.5 hours) gaming sessions with high settings, then it’ll get warm. But nothing to worry about. So thermals are pretty decent.

And with the update(500-600MB), there are a lot of differences, the performance is smoother, and another feature was added Virtual RAM expansion. You can virtually expand the RAM up to 7GB! It’s not like the real RAM, but the feature is available. And you can feel the performance difference! So that was a good update, usually, the phones have problems but not with this one. It has realmeUI 2.0 based on Android 11 with the latest security patch update.

And I’m sure, you’ll get the major OS updates for the next 2 years. So no problems with UI at all. There’s 1 problem, you get internal browser notifications, which is irritating at times. But you can toggle it off. By default, they are turned on which you’ll have to turn off manually. Finally,

what’s my review?

This is a performance power-house! When I unboxed the Realme X7 Max, I knew that Dimensity 1200 would perform well.

But, in terms of performance, it exceeded my expectations. The camera is better than average. I expected more but the primary sensor did exceed my expectations but other sensors like, ultrawide, macro & selfie could’ve been better. But, the camera is not the highlight. The performance, the primary sensor, multimedia with the 3.5mm jack are the highlights. And there wasn’t much problem with the UI. So if you’re looking for a phone with performance, the Realme X7 Max 5G should definitely be on top of your radar.

Realme X7 Max 5G Full Review

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