MOTOROLA RAZR 5G full review

Now the price of the RAZR here in the country has plummeted to almost a third – the company’s highlight is already the Edge + and a new folding version is already a reality. Has Motorola managed to fix the flaws of the previous version and is the RAZR 5G more attractive? Follow me the good guys on this hands-on
The design of the first version of RAZR was already very flashy. MOTOROLA RAZR 5G full review

More modern and matured, it continues to bring originality and style, well what Motorola wants, even sacrificing some current and important concepts.MOTOROLA RAZR 5G full review

makes a difference in the perception in the pocket is no longer a brick, just a small cell phone.
Its front is in black glass and contrasts with the color, unless it is all black, then everything stays the same.

Opening the Motorola RAZR 5G we don’t see any big news, and there is still the huge notch on top of the screen.
which is loose, goes under that big chin that is below. Here, Motorola has also chosen to favor aesthetics
and this closure system avoids the noticeable fold mark that we see in competitors.
the tip of your fingers that you feel a slight wave.

At the rear I have the Motorola logo that is also home to the biometric sensor, very fast, but in a very unfavorable position – apart from that, we can see physical volume and power buttons and also the SIM slot, a novelty in relation to the previous model that was just eSIM. The camera is more discreet and lowered. In a foldable, screen is an important business. That’s what defines a foldable, right, since the thing is for the screen to fold and not be a double screen – and then it’s important to understand the consequences of the shell shape adapted by a modern smartphone that we find in practically all line tops in the range 2020.

the fact that the screen is plastic brings more fingerprints and reflection differently than those we see in the glass,
but still, as we said, no noticeable crease as the folding of Samsung and Huawei, for example.
The definition is good, it’s a kind of Full HD + with a very long aspect.

The small space of the device did not allow for larger speakers or the presence of stereo – we also have no
connection for headphones, and in general, it is a basic sound without much reverberation and volume.
And if you expected a top-of-the-line processor here, to fight with Samsung’s foldables,

we won’t be having – Motorola’s proposal is not to have a powerful cell phone, but rather a nostalgic one.
But the choice made is not that bad either; the set has Snapdragon 765G chipset, 8 GB of RAM
and 256 GB of storage without a Micro SD card slot. It is a very recent upgrade
compared to last year’s model, some numbers have doubled and it remains a good processor
for a device with little internal space.MOTOROLA RAZR 5G full review

Motorola chose efficient hardware, but agile enough to ensure smooth and smooth usability.
You can, for example, open any application and play any title without gagging.
Anyway, there is a little annoying overheating. This is not very common for people to see on the 765G
, so this is probably more a consequence of the little space.

In the connections, its name already shows that we obviously have 5G connectivity and we also have wi-fi ac,
Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC, all within the expected.

Here the software is important because this is a lot of the usability of the cell phone, which is also important,
it is already on Android 10, and we will probably only have one more update for Android 11.

to the presence of two screens – now you can, for example, view notifications and respond by voice
or keyboard, in addition to taking advantage of Google Assistant, making calls, activating camera, flash
or any other command present between the quick buttons, all with the screen closed.

You can even open all applications until games and use them as you would on the main screen, with the presence
Among the settings, you can choose what to do by switching from one screen to another, so
you can continue to watch a video or choose to exit the application you were using
or apps, while a tap from left to right opens the camera.

Thanks to a dedicated interface you can use all the features of the main camera without any limitations.
The second screen can be useful to have a preview of the photo or with the phone open, let’s say, to make
an animation with a smiling face and distract children, and then take the photo automatically
or even to display the countdown if you asked for one. selfie.
and this is where the user experience increases significantly.

You end up managing most notifications with your phone closed, and then we have a real value
for portability that in a foldable smartphone – other than that, the interface does not offer any special surprises
it has all those already known functions, of gesture and privacy that we have Moto application.

Being foldable and compact has a high price on the battery, which here on the RAZR 5G is only 2,800 mAh.
the 15-watt box, which is more than normal right but still not close to the fastest
technologies in competitors; fortunately, the software is an excellent example of energy optimization
so that you can end the day without any particular headaches, with at least
5 hours of screen time. The limited space also affects the set of cameras that, in the middle of 2020, has a total
of two sensors, including the frontal one. There has been a considerable improvement with respect to the figures
for the past year but this does not say much.

We have a 48 MP wide main sensor with f/1.7 aperture, PDAF, optical and electronic stabilization
but that 3D depth sensor that we had in the other generation doesn’t exist anymore.
At the front, a 20 MP sensor – we don’t need to have multiple cameras, the Pixel is there to state that,
but it is necessary that the only gift is exceptional. On the Motorola RAZR 5G the photos are decent
and despite the potentially excellent hardware, there is certainly something there to fix on the software side.
Day and night, the details are not great and the catches often have blurred parts that are annoying.
It has no HDR and that makes the colors really bright.

Videos are better – in 4K at 30fps and can take advantage of double optical and digital stabilization
and even selfies are acceptable if you get a good amount of light in the photo.

So, in general we don’t have any highlights but it is possible that a corrective update can help a lot.
The launch price of the Motorola RAZR 5G abroad was US$ 1,400, which converted there into our dear Real
is a little more than R $ 7,500, but we have followed the price of the most premium launches
here, and the astronomical values indicate that we will not have anything below R$ 9,000 that we did not have
in RAZR last year.

The RAZR, like other folding ones, remains a niche product, even more niche because it has a nostalgic look.
In this niche, defects are in the background and can even be accepted because they are compensated
for their iconic and unique character – of course, it would be better if the camera was more powerful, if the ToF sensor
had not left and offered a safe unlock by Face, if the speaker was more powerful
and the screen was brighter, but if you really like the ultra-modern retro folding concept and, obviously,
have the money to buy one, these gaps have a much lighter weight.

It is a phone that works with some limitations but is able to accompany you in daily use without any worries.
more mature smartphone, but it still has a lot of space for further refinement.
Tell us, do you think the RAZR 5G has improved over last year’s model?

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