3333 iPhone 13 release date price Specifications and News

iPhone 13 release date price Specifications and News

iPhone 13 release date price New and very high-quality renders of iPhone 13 smartphones have appeared on the network. We have an increasingly good idea of what to expect from the new iPhone from iPhone 13 mini to iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max. The images are made in accordance with all the latest leaks, which have confirmed each other many times. And today, we are discussing this in detail.

So, according to preliminary data, the screen cutout in the iPhone 13 will remain but will become smaller. The protrusion of the main camera block will increase, as will the block itself, due to the use of new optics and new image sensors. The junior models still have two modules, but they are not located vertically, but diagonally. iPhone 13 release date price

Finally, the thickness of the cases will slightly increase – this is due to the use of batteries with a larger capacity than now. According to rumors, TSMC has already launched the release of A15 processors for the iPhone 13, and the premiere of new products this time will take place at the traditional time – in September.

On the other hand, iPhone 13 in gold and blue poses for high quality and large renders. They are based on smartphone CAD models.

A new portion of images of the iPhone 13 has appeared on the network. The device poses in gold, and in one picture – in blue. These images are based on a 3D model of a smartphone. Apparently, it was shared by the manufacturers of accessories – covers for the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 design

It’s not a fact that gold will be in the iPhone 13 color range, however, the features of the model are clearly visible – and they completely coincide with previous leaks. So, for example, all the leaks converge in a decrease in the cutout of the screen (not cardinal, but nevertheless), a thickening of the case (not much – due to batteries of slightly increased capacity), and a larger camera unit with a diagonal arrangement of modules.

The iPhone 13 series is expected to continue to have four models, although rumors suggested that a successor to the iPhone 12 mini might not happen due to weak demand. The lineup is due out this year, which is September, and production of Apple’s A15 SoCs for the iPhone 13 has already begun.

Has iPhone 13 been released?

The iPhone 13 series use cases multiple new technologies pushing the device forward. We expect the iPhone 13 launch on 24 September 2021, but the release date will be changed for Covid-19.

iPhone 13 Specifications 

The iPhone 13 uses the same display sizes as iPhone 12. There are 120Hz refresh rate features for the 6.1 inches iPhone 13 pro and 6.7 inches iPhone 13 pro max display.

How much will the iPhone 13 Cost UK?

iphone 13 price uk £799/$799

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