3333 How To Factory Reset Android Phone Locked

How To Factory Reset Android Phone Locked

If you forgot your android PIN code, and couldn’t unlock it and tried many times of incorrect pattern drawn. Do you know how to unlock your phone? now we are discussing some ways how to factory reset android phones locked down.

How To Factory Reset Android Phone Locked

At first, you need to power your device completely. once it’s done, locate your fingers towards the volume up, home, and power button. Now press them all together at one and continue to hold the press for about a few seconds, until.

you see the Samsung intro animation. Once you have done that, You will see a screen. like this, so wait a few seconds, and you will see another screen, which says no command and it shows a dead android logo. Don’t worry, you have to wait a few more seconds before getting to the android recovery menu, and that’s where we all trying to go.

You can see the android recovery screen is loaded up. So you have to be pressing a switch to the power button. Just give me a sec I will explain it to you. On the android recovery, you can’t interact with it using the touchscreen, the only option to play around with these options are using your volume rocker and the power button. Use the volume up and down key to navigate through the menu, and use the power button to select any of the options.

So let’s begin the hard reset or factory reset. Just navigate to the wipe data or factory reset option using your valium down button, and once we’re there, hit the power button. Now it will ask you something, like “Wipe all user data, This can not be undone”. So I suggest you backup your media, contacts and all other stuff that is important to you before performing this reset. So if you are ready to reset let’s choose “Yes” using the volume down to navigate, and the power button to select it.

Now you can see it’s formatting your device date And once it was done You will see these menus again. Now reboot to normal mode you have to select the “Reboot system now” option. And will it bring you back to the standard Android interface?

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