3333 Google Pixel 6 xl Release Date Full Review 2021

Google Pixel 6 xl Release Date Full Review 2021

Google Pixel 6 xl Release Date Full Review 2021 Google just pulled out a huge move, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL Are indeed coming

yes the pixel 6 and pixel 6 xl are officially coming with white chapel cpu aka internal code codename gs101 so google is joining hands with samsung for the latest five nanometer architecture and they sell part not only the pixel 6 but also the chromebook which google is planning to launch Google Pixel 6 xl Release Date

later this year some leaks are white chapel is an octa-core rm cpu with two cortex a78 plus two cortex a76 plus four cortex a55 cores yeah this sounds good but on the gpu side they’ll use smaller gpu which is of course not as powerful as adreno gpu even samsung is switching to amd really soon so we’ll see how this goes even the mali g78 is if not
the best but a powerful gpu the huge

advantage which google will be getting is in terms of software updates you might have seen how apple support their e167 old devices in terms of latest ios and the only reason why google was not able to reach that level is because of qualcomm’s driver updates now with their in-house silicon they can push boundaries and may support even
five-year old devices for huge android

increment samsung is also likely helping them in terms of camera and design we have confirmation that pixel 6 will
feature a selfie shooter and you will of course see a 90 hertz or 120 hertz display the front shooter is getting a huge
enhancement they are enabling 4k option thanks to a new sensor on board yeah in addition to this google may even use a new camera hardware for rear main and dish that 12 megapixel old sony they had been using from the first
gen pixel

sony imx 363 and yes similar sony imx 378. yeah i know we all wish we see sony imx 766 or samsung new gm2 this paired with their pixel visual core and software processing might do wonders some news also say pixel 6 is coming
with in display fingerprint scanner and of course they’ll ditch that solely radar thing which got them banned from
countries like india

so yeah now we have that small punctual display no solely radar you guys can expect pixel 6 coming to indian markets
so this all is super exciting google’s own silicon new design new camera hardware and whatnot so the pixel 6

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