3333 Dxomark Mobile Camera Ranking 2021

Dxomark Mobile Camera Ranking 2021

Dxomark Mobile Camera Ranking 2021

1. Xiaomi mi 11 ultra achieves the first position in  dxomark ranking in 2021 with 143 points

2. Huawei mate 40 pro plus achieves the second position with 139 points and really good in a day or night situations.

3. Huawei mate 40 pro she is the third position with 130 six points  and also achieves a really good scores

4. Xiaomi mi 10 ultra  also shares a really good score 133 even this phone one-year-old but still exists on number four

5. Huawei p40 pro  also she’s really good score 132 one-year-old but still exist at number four

6. Vivo x50 pro plus also she has really good  score 131 points it’s really good because it’s also a year old

7. iPhone  12 pro max which is the seventh position with 130 points it’s really good if you compare it with older generation iPhones

8. iPhone 12 pro also sees a really good score of 128 due to  less zoom capabilities it’s behind with two points 

9. Xiaomi mi 10 pro also is really good score because it’s also a year-old smartphone that still exists in dxmark with 128 points

10. oppo find x2 pro with 126 points surprisingly  no Samsung phone in top 10 rankings dxmark bile 

selfie ranking 2021

  1. huawei mate 40 pro it’s cheap 104 point it’s really really good  for taking pictures with front wide angle camera  
  2. huawei p40 pro it’s only lags  behind with one point and achieve 103 points 
  3.  zenfone 7 pro its  c101 point due to its flexibility  because its rear camera used as a selfie cameras 

4. Huawei nova 6 5g it’s achieved a really  good score of 100 points if you consider its price  category it’s really really good

5. Samsung galaxy s20 ultra which is the 100 score behind because it belongs to the premium category.

6. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra it’s behind  because it’s more premium than the s20 ultra  

7. Samsung galaxy note 20 also achieves a hundred points  as compared to other Samsung flagships 

8. Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra  which is 100 points and behind the  note 20 because it’s premium

9. Samsung galaxy note 10 plus also achieves 99 points in the to mark selfie ranking number,

10. iPhone 12 pro achieved the 10th  position in dxomax selfie ranking with an overall 98  

points so you can see the final list of dxomark  ranking there is no devices from Samsung in top  

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