3333 Drone Camera Phone Vivo

Drone Camera Phone Vivo

Drone Camera Phone Vivo comes with a 200-megapixel camera. It was World’s first Flying Drone Camera Phone, powered by 6000 mAh, 12GB Ram, 512GB ROM.

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Drone Camera Phone Vivo

Drone Camera Phone Vivo

Drone Camera Phone Vivo company is only working on the Flying Drone Camera Phone. Smartphones come with a very unique feature. When flying a drone with a camera the brand may already be launched. A device with an isolated camera module That can fly like a drone. According to a digital report,

The Chinese technology giant has filed Patented with Wipo last year Which was published on July 1 2021 Looking for patent images for

The smartphone seems to have a design similar to modern smartphones But its most notable feature may be, Once the isolated flying camera is seen Pop-out from the bottom of the device, In other words,

Drone Camera Phone Vivo

This flying camera was Originally kept on the handset When not in use and not an individual. The peripheral is talking about this isolation Module.

Flying Camera 4 Propeller Sports Which enables it to fly It sets aside a battery pack From the handset to the main battery And it has two camera sensors Another interesting aspect of the body.

This is about flying cameras Includes two infrared sensors Different aspects of the module, These sensors can serve a variety of purposes Works but its primary purpose It is possible to keep small drones from Collision with other objects while flying This means that this flying camera can be featured

This is where an automatic follow mode Follows the user And it flies automatically As well as supporting wind gestures But the patent filing does not reveal any more details on this topic Significantly the design of this flying camera is Similar to Air Pix Which is a flying camera product though

Drone Camera Phone Vivo

The size of this device is more than 10 Centimeters so the version from Vivo Must be much smaller to fit. Inside a smartphone, Unfortunately, it is unknown whether this is a brand Actually working on such a product Although it offers to look at us.

The unique future device could be a reality in the next few years. Vivo patents every design Years just patented it The design of the smartphone is not right That it will become a reality, In fact, it has a high probability The phone will not turn on but we will see.

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